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Related post: Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2005 17:09:09 -0500 (EST) From: Blue OConnor Subject: PerfectPerfect ~ Chapter 15 ~Flashback- Gabriel's POV "How could you embarrass me like this?" "Mom..." I said trying to explain. pissing toplist "I send you as far away from my family and your still disrupting it." My heart clenched at her words. Wasn't I a part of that family too. I guess not. "Headmaster Hogan told me everything about your little episode. Can't you behave for once in your life?" "I didn't..." "Don't think if you get kicked out that I'll let you come back here. I've created a good life for myself and I don't need you screwing it up. Get use to boarding school because that's where you'll be going if your going to be sent to another one if booted out of this one but this time I might just send you to one of those military schools instead. Maybe that'll teach you some self restraint." black teen toplist I let put the phone on the desk and let her continue her one sided lecture without me. She didn't want to hear anything from me anyway. She just wanted to spew her hate under age pussy girls at me. I didn't understand her. I already knew she resented me, hated me even but why did she have to take every opportunity to rub it in. I was already feeling hopeless and hollow; I didn't need her lo party guestbook toplist adding to my sorrows. Two days had passed since they'd left; though Elaine had called as soon as they'd landed I was still feeling their loss. It was odd finding yourself with under age nude pic nothing to do when you'd been so involved and busy for the last months. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~Present Day- Gabriel's POV `A sister, a sister.' My mind was a jumble of conflicting thoughts; I didn't know whether I should laugh in the detectives face for citing such a ridiculous notion or collapse against the countertop because a feeling of dread was forming a pit of my stomach. "You must be mistaken Detective Haynes, Gabriel's an only child." Connor said. "There is no mistake." Detective Haynes stated. "You might want to sit down for this." "No." I said, my voice thick and hoarse. I kept my head down, trying to keep the dizziness a bay. "Say what you have to say." I heard the detective begin to pace as he continued. "As I said before, it was hard to locate your mother because she relocated to New York but she also remarried seven years ago to a Mr. Michael Talbot." "I bet you he was rich too." I muttered bitterly. "As a matter of fact he was very wealthy, and very sick. He died of heart failure a few months after they were married." "And left her all his money." I said, shaking my head. "She hasn't changed a bit." "Gabriel, please...." Connor said. "Don't." I said immediately, unwilling to hear what he was about to say. "I know who and what my mother was, you of all people should know why I have no pity for her now." I felt the firm grip of his hands on my shoulders, as he turned me around. Cupping my face in his hand he said. "I'm not asking you to feel anything for her but we need to know about your sister..." I opened my mouth to argue, but he put two fingers on my lips, stopping me. "Don't let your anger towards your mother cloud your judgment. Please listen to what Detective Haynes has to say." He ran his fingers against my lips, stroking softly. "Okay." I said, and motioned for the detective to carry on. "According to the her birth records, your sister was born three months after the death of Mr. Talbot." "That'll make her about six now right?" Connor asked. "That's correct, she's turning six on October 12." "God." I whispered, realizing finally that this was true, I had a sister. A sister I would have probably never known about if not for this whole mess. "I realize that this is all coming as a shock to you, but when I went to the hospital to see your mother, she wasn't able to answer any of my questions because she's barely conscious. When I spoke to her doctor, they put me in contact with the social worker in charge of your sister's case. Her name is Mrs. Beckett." He handed me her card. "She'd been trying to get into contact with you and hasn't been able to find you since you left no forwarding address when you moved." "I had wanted a clean break." I whispered. "Well, your mother hasn't left a will stating where toplist russians non nude she wants your sister placed but you're her only known relative so it's only natural that they'd assume she'd want her placed with you." I laughed, the sound ugly, harsh. "Yeah right." "Keira is currently at a boarding school in England, but your mother has run out of funds and exotic pearls toplist she is unable to pay the tuition. So I'm afraid, Keira will end up in a foster home if you don't take her in." "Stop please..." I said, not wanting hear anymore. I stiffened my back and on shaky legs walked out of the room, and up the stairs.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Connor's POV I watched him walk out, noting the rigid lines of his back. He was hurting but I knew he would refuse to let it show as long as he wasn't alone. I turned to the detective. "I'm sorry..." I couldn't think of anything else to say. I wanted to go after him, to comfort him and my mind refused to concentrate on anything else. Detective Haynes moved away from the counter. "It's alright." I followed him to the front door. "I'll be in touch if I find out any additional information in your case." "Thank you." I said and leaned against the closed door when he exited. I squeezed my eyes shut. I tried to calm my shaking body but I couldn't. I was overwhelmed with anxiety, fear and...relief. For a moment after hearing about Kiera, the thought had occurred to me that she could have been my father's daddys girls toplist child. toplist girls 14 A child she'd kept from him. If she had been I don't know how my father would have handled that.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I found Gabriel laying facedown on our bed. I climbed in with, laying my head on his shoulder. "She sent me away too, you know." His voice was carefully monotone. I steeled myself against it, knowing it was his way of hiding his pain. I'd done the same thing too many times myself not to recognize it. Funny how clear things became when they happened to someone else. "Because she found me with you one night, comforting you after a nightmare. She knew at that moment I was gay and that you were the most important person to me in my life." I sucked in a shocked breath. "She said she was protecting her new family by sending me away but I think she wanted to hurt me because I was her defect. The one thing she couldn't control in her life and she hated that." "Oh sweetheart..." I murmured, blinking away tears. "I can't forgive her Connor." "No one's asking you to." He flipped over rapidly, causing me to jerk back in surprise. "Then what kind of person does that make me? She's dying, shouldn't I stop resenting her now? Shouldn't I feel some kind of compassion for her?" I caressed his face, wanting to help ease his anguish but unable to do anything. "Oh Honey, that makes you human." He turned away from my touch. "No." He said roughly. "It makes me just like her, immovable, resentful, callous.... That's not who I want to be Connor." "You're not." I said. "You're nothing like her." I turned his averted head to me, brushing his lips with mine. "I'm so scared." He said, rolling us over until I was under him and his head was lying against my chest. "If I don't let my anger go, it's going to consume me." "It won't." I untied his hair and spread it out, like a blanket covering us both. "I won't let it." ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Hunter's POV I heaved the last box onto the cp toplist nude dappled marble counter and stepped back to catch my breath. "It is too early for this." Tossing my coat onto the bar stool next to me, I shot a glance at the clock above the massive brass espresso maker. The clock glared back, daring me to take the time to make a pot of coffee. It was already past six A.M., which gave me less than an hour to prepare for the morning rush. "Great." I murmured, blowing a breath of frustration through my bangs. I looked over the mountain of deliveries, and groaned because I wasn't looking forward to logging them into the back room. As always, Mama had ordered only the best gourmet coffee for our family owned and operated shop. Located on the Forest Hill district, the Moonbean Cafe was the under age girls nudes center of my life. My parents had went under age erotic trailers to impossible lengths to keep the Kona fresh-brewed hourly, the cherry scones warm and soft, and the teapots arranged just so. It was that kind of perfectionism, and the welcoming atmosphere that kept the customers coming back and had earned them the reputation of having the best coffee. After sinking their life savings into this business my parents had set out to create an atmosphere of old-fashioned charm with all the convenience of technology within the shop. They spent countless hours blending unusual combinations of beans, experimenting with temperatures and grinds, striving for a more ideal cup of coffee. Growing up I think I drank more coffee than I did water. free under age pictures They were always busy but never when growing up had my sister or I ever neglected. We were always included in the day-to-day running of the business, busing tables, waiting tables when the waitress called in sick. Netty and I loved it, but Addison had always wanted to become a lawyer. She was in school now persuing that dream. So when my parents retired, though they left the shop to all of us, Netty and I took over for them. The bell mounted on the rear door jingled. I looked up to see Netty lugging a cardboard box onto the bar. "Don't ask." She said crossly. Netty was the female version of my father. Strawberry blond curls sprang around her small face in a short bob. Her eyes were the color of burnt amber and like everyone in our family, she was small in stature, 5'3. I lowered my eyes to hide the smile lurking behind them, knowing Netty didn't have a cross bone in her body. "I'll forgive you for being late if you make coffee." "You're easy when you're desperate." "Would you make it Sumatra?" I added. "I need the extra caffeine this morning." "You really should learn how to get to bed early." Netty pulled off her coat and picked up mine, taking both to the small storage room at the rear of the store. "A pipe burst this morning, flooded my bathroom." "Oh." I said, unconcerned. "Did the building manager look at it?" "No." She let out an exaggerated sigh. "He's on vacation." "You really should just ask that man out. You're going to end up destroying your apartment if you keep this up." teen fisting toplist "I know but he's so cute." "Yep." I said, picturing in my mind. "He has a nice cp toplist banned ass too." Netty was out-spoken within our family but when it came to guys she seemed to clam up. She'd get flustered, and quiet, which usually made guys think she wasn't interested. "Get your own man." "Why? When I can look at yours?" toplist alfasex I wagged my eyebrows at her. "I wonder teenager nude toplist what he looks like naked?" She giggled, and then her laughter faded. "You'll probably see him naked before I do." Netty scooped coffee beans from the glass display case and poured them into the grinder. Neither of us spoke as the grinder worked its magic. "Grow some balls, Sweetie and talk to the man." "No thanks, maybe I'll take yours instead." She said, catching on our old joke. "I'm rather fond of mine, but I'm sure Jake will be willing to give you his." Our laughter lightened the mood, as we started to work though the morning rush.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I was standing behind the bar; I was vigorously scrubbing the stainless steel sink. It was the end of another busy day, Netty had already gone home. She and I alternated managing the shop, we both worked on Sundays. It was my turn to close and I couldn't wait to go home and sleep, even after doing this for years, I still wasn't use to being on my feet all day. I heard the sound of a stool creaking against the floor and I straightened, and then slowly turned. For an instant, the corners pussy under age of my mouth turned up in a smile, which is the standard greeting for customers-but my eyes narrowed when I recognized who it was. My smile faded. My eyes cooled, along with my voice. "I'm getting ready to close." "The sign says you don't close for another ten minutes." Wordlessly, I turned away and left my place behind the bar. At the front door, I turned the sign to the closed position. As if on cue, the couple finished their cappuccino and started for the door. Calling them by their first names, I bid them good night. The woman in the corner seat tucked her book in her purse and followed. I made a show of untying my apron and slipped back behind the bar. "Please tell me this is a mistake and you wandered in here by accident." "You're not going nude girl under age to make this easy on me." "How perceptive of you." "In case you're wondering, I take my coffee teen sex movie toplist black with two sugars," he said easily. "To be perfectly honest with you, Detective Haynes, the way you take your coffee is the furthest thing from my mind, unless, of course you take it in your lap. What I really want to know is what the hell you're doing in my shop. Come to harass me again?" He stared at me with that analyzing expression he'd given me last night. It was a look that said he wasn't sure how he'd gotten in this situation and that anime porn under age he didn't know how to deal with me. "What happened to your customer service?" Frowning, I snagged a cup from beneath the bar and moved to the coffee brewer. I poured the coffee, my movement jerky, rigid. "Here you go." I set the cup in front of him and looked at my watch. "Black. Two Sugars. You have five minutes." He smiled, and for the first time I noticed he had a dimple in his left cheek. He looked younger when he smiled, as if years of aging were lifting from his face. "You really don't like me, do you?" "I don't cp toplist xxx think about you at all." I said, and his eyes called me a liar. "Yeah, well, my captain called me in his office this morning, it seems some one made a complaint about me. You wouldn't know about that would you?" "You're lucky I didn't file charges for harassment." His eyes narrowed. "I wasn't harassing you, I simply told you something you didn't want under age fucking girls to hear." "You don't know me Honey, so don't be make assumptions about my personal feelings." After leaving Gabriel's house the other night the detective had waited for me, and found it necessary to tell me, `You should move on, because blowjob free toplist it is useless to be in love with some one so obviously uninterested.' Upon hearing this I had kicked him in the chin and stomped off. Not one of my most dignified instances but he'd pissed me off. "You're right I shouldn't have." "And I'm not in love with Connor. He's my friend, nothing else. " The fact that I felt the need to explain myself made me flustered. `Jesus, what was wrong with me?' "Why are you here?" I asked. "I came here to offer a truce." He said. "I'm going to teenie toplist be working pretty closely with your friend to solve this case and I don't want to have any animosity between us that can influence this case." "You just want me to call off your captain." toplist "That too." "Surely you can do better than that," I said. "All right." He added. "I came here to apologize." Something about the grudging way he said that sparked humor and sympathy in me. "That didn't hurt so bad, did it?" "No worse than the time I broke my leg skiing." "You have an ego, don't you?" under age sex images "Groveling isn't my style, but whatever works." He offered his hand. "Apology accepted?" I ignored the hand. "I'd like my cell phone back." He reached into his pocket and set it on the counter. Seeing no reason to accept the truce, I offered him my hand. His fingers closed around mine. A jolt of awareness ran the length of my body on contact. His hand was warm and big over mine. The palm calloused, and rough. His gaze drifted from my eyes to my mouth. I released his hand, and the spell broke. Momentarily stunned by my reaction, I watched him toplist angles as he raised the coffee cup to his lips and sipped, and I wondered if he had any idea how profoundly he'd just affected me. My heart was pumping and my cock was so hard, I was afraid to move in case my zipper rubbed further against, and caused me to come. Casting a glance at the front door, I crossed my arms in front of me. "I'm sorry, but I really need to close the shop." Rudeness had always come naturally to me, but I only used it when I felt cornered. "Thank you for the coffee." Pulling out his wallet, he laid a five-dollar bill on the bar. My stomach clenched as I found myself checking out his ass. It was muscular, firm, and cupped perfectly in his slightly baggy blue jeans. "Damn." I said out loud. It was just like me that the first guy I was even remotely sexually attracted to in months would turn up in the form of an egotistical detective. He was most likely straight anyway. And even if he was playing on my team, I knew I had to stay away from him because there was a little voice lola toplist in that back of my mind that was saying this one was going to cause some serious heartache.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Gabriel's POV He was standing at the sink, wearing nothing but a pair of jeans when I found him in the kitchen. Sensing I needed time with my thoughts he'd let me go to my studio to paint. After hours of mindless painting, I found myself missing his presence, so I went looking for him. "What are you doing?" nude teenie toplist "Just finishing up washing the dishes." I sat on a stool at the island, watching the rippling play of muscles in his back every time he moved. "Sweetheart, what are you going to do about Keira?" I had sat in my studio asking myself that same question over and over but I couldn't seem to come up with an answer. "I don't know, baby." "You're her brother Gabriel, you have a responsibility to her..." "What am I supposed to do?" I snapped. "Take her away from a life she's always known to come live with a stranger? A person she doesn't know existed?" "You don't know that. Your mother could have told her about..." "No." I stated. "She wouldn't. I was a secret in her past she wouldn't want to relive. I'm sure once I was gone she paid as much attention to me and my memory as she did when I was living with her." I gazed warily at Connor. "I don't think she should come live with us." "Why not?" "What would I know about raising a child? Especially a little girl. I'll probably screw her up worse than my mother ever could. It would be better to leave her where she is. I can afford the tuition." "You want her under age sex pics to live with strangers. Growing up with the sterile affection of people who could never love her like I know you can. Is that the kind of life you want for her?" I refused to answer but that didn't stop him. "Do you want her to grow up feeling unloved, and lonely? Do you want her to go through life without some one to calm her fears when she wakes up from a nightmare, or kiss her bruises when she falls down?" "You know I don't." I said softly. He met my gaze, the love and desire I saw there almost brought me to my knees. "Then go call the social worker, and see how you can bring that child home." And with that he turned back to his task. Ending the discussion. This argument was a foreshadowing of those to come, I knew it. Connor had me wrapped around his little finger. He might let me keep the illusion of me being in charge but he and toplist nonnude biki modles I incest pics xxx toplist both knew better. Just a look of disappointment or disapproval in those chocolate eyes and I'd find myself caving fast. So I didn't bother continuing the arguing, I headed up stairs to call Mrs. Beckett because it was ultimately what I had wanted to do in the beginning. I was just too overwhelmed with fears to under age pussy pic admit it. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Connor's POV An hour later he came back to kitchen where I hot celebs toplist was sitting at table nursing a cup of coffee. wet panties toplist He immediately picked me up, and sat down, placing me in his lap. He laid his head on daughter cp toplist my chest; as if it was so heavy he couldn't hold it up. "My mother has slipped into a coma. Doctor's don't think she'll ever come out of it, at least not alive." I didn't offer any words of sympathy because I knew they would be false. There was no piss sex toplist love lost between Marie and I. "Mrs. Beckett wants me to come to England right away to get Keira, she doesn't want to tell her about Mom." "That sounds reasonable, she doesn't want the news coming from a non-family member." "Yeah but she doesn't know topliste nude kids pics me, Connor." He muttered. "And what if I let my anger toward my mother come through when I talk to Keira. I don't want her to resent me for not being sorry that her mother is basically dead." "You'll do fine." I reassured him. "So you're going to do it then, you're going to bring her home with you?" "Yeah." He answered. "She's going to have to check out my background, criminal record, financial stability and other stuff but she assures me by the time I fly over there, that should be taken care of and I'll be able to bring her back with me." "When are you going?" I inquired. "Tomorrow morning, I under age toppless already booked a flight for us." "Us?" I asked, shocked. "Of course." He said. "I told you I'm not letting you out of my sight." "Gabriel, there is no way I can go with you." I stopped his protest by adding firmly. "Keira has enough to deal with right now, she doesn't need another person invading her life right now." "You're not just any one." He growled. "I know, I'm not but we'll have plenty of time to get to know each other when she comes home." He threw up his hand in frustration. "I don't want to leave you here by yourself." "I won't." I said, placating his fears. "The cops are watching the house." I kissed him porn toplist kds on the forehead. "I can't wait to meet her." "Neither can I." We curled up with each for several minutes until I realized what was occurring. Keira was coming here, here where it wasn't safe for her while my stalker was on the loose. real under age porn "Gabriel..." "Mmmm." "I think maybe I should move out for awhile." "What?" He said sharply. "Hear me out." I said. "It won't be forever, just until the police catch this guy." "No." "Gabriel, please, we can't bring Keira into a house that isn't safe." "No." "Your letting your emotions cloud your judgment, not being around me is what's best for her and you right now." " No, Dammit." He yelled. I jumped at the sound of his roaring voice. "Gabriel... " "Where would you go, huh?" he asked fiercely. "I could stay with pink toplist rompl Hunter." "Someone has declared open season on you," He snapped. "You're a sitting duck in that building and you know it." "My father's house then..." "And put your father's life at risk, I don't think so." He countered, crossly. "You'd end up in xxx magazine toplist an hotel, where a maintenance guy could sneak in." Dread lay heavy in the pit of my stomach at the thought of how drastically my life was under age nympho going to change. The worst hardcore child toplist of it was that it was out of my control, and I was powerless to stop it. Needing to move, to expel some of the negative energy winding up inside me, I rose and began to pace. "I can't stand not being in control of my own life. I can't stand it that somebody else illeagle under age porn is calling all the shots." Gabriel rose and crossed to me. "This isn't going to be easy. I know that but we'll be alright I know it." "How can you have so much faith?" I said angrily. "He could simply run us off the road tomorrow." under age porno girls "That's not going to happen," he said fiercely. under aged sluts "If he wants me dead, how can you-" "He's going to have to child incest toplist go through me to get to you." I recognized the stubborn set of his jaw and I knew he wasn't going to budge. "I know you think that." I whispered. "But I couldn't live with myself if you or Keira were hurt because of me." "Then I won't let Keira stay here for awhile." "No." I protested. "I don't want that little girl being left in a boarding school." He shook head. "I'll bring her to stay with Elaine for awhile if there's any sign of trouble." under age free sex "But Gabriel..." "No." He said firmly. "I won't give you up Connor, don't ask that of me. Ask anything else, and I'll do it but not that." I lowered my eyes. His long fingers clamped around my upper under age models boys arms, and he moved me in a soft shake. "Connor, look at me," he demanded urgently. A sharp note, like anger or fear, entered toplist babyj his voice. "Look at me, dammit! If you disappeared, I would find you. No matter how fast or how far you went. So put that thought out of your head." Staring dazedly into his piercing green eyes, I nodded while my mind buzzed nasty toplist with miserable speculation. "Now promise me," he went on tersely, "that while I'm gone, you will not do anything foolish. Stay here, and when I come back we'll sort things out. All right?" When I didn't respond, he lifted my face until we were practically nose-to-nose. "All right?" "Yes," I whispered. "I'll wait for you." His lips brushed over mine in communion of moisture and warmth that filled me with unbearable pleasure. I felt the tip of his tongue against my bottom lip, softly teasing, and my resistance melted away. Gasping, I strained upwards, and was caught against his hard body, one of his hands fitting beneath my butt. My arms wrapped around his neck, and I kissed him hungrily. He responded with an even deeper kiss, his tongue sliding past my teeth, until I sagged against him in helpless pleasure. He brought his hand between my legs, cupping my aching cock, rubbing and caressing the hardened length. I grounded my ass into his crotch, his erection, hot and hard against me. In one quick motion, he stood, gripping my waist, and before I knew it I was bent face first over the table, legs spread. I felt him stoop down before, the warm breath against my ass, had me staining with want. He ran his hands over my cheeks, down between my legs, cupping my balls before giving them a lick. Then he was spreading my cheeks, opening me to his view, he gave my rosebud teasing laps, that had me panting, my head tossing against the hard table. adult teens toplist His tongue began circling and flicking as he dragged his free beast toplist thumb down and pressed it deep inside. His wet thumb moved farther and farther down, pushing, and stretching me. "Please..." I guess he was urgent too because, he didn't wait, just stood and guided his penis to my wet entrance, then began sinking into me. Oh God oh God. I pressed my forehead hard against the table, forcing myself to breath. He had always been big, but at this angle his penetration felt impossibly huge. He pushed relentless. Thrusting and withdraw, sawing into me until I felt the ruff texture of his pubic hair. He held my hips in his hands as he hammered into me, driven by his own blind toplisten porn free urgency. Every inward stroke forced me closer and closer to that moment when the tension would become too much,